Friday, 3 March 2017

[VIDEO] Button Mashing returns as Eddy Gordo joins Tekken 7

Remember when playing Eddy Gordo that you’d just mash random buttons and he’ll instantly do a really good combo? That seems to be missing with Tekken 7 apparently, but fret not, because all the button mashing fun is back! This is because Bandai Namco Games has now revealed the latest character to join the Tekken 7 roster, Eddy Gordo!

The Brazilian capoeirista will be joining the game as the console version gets released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE this June 2, 2017. In his story for Tekken 7, Eddy is on a quest to destroy Kazuya Mishima and avenge his father.

 The game also has a pre-order bonus, and that’s the character, Eliza. They will also release the game for PC via Steam. Now, who’s excited for even more button mashing?!

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[VIDEO] Button Mashing returns as Eddy Gordo joins Tekken 7

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