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Feast upon Christon Cafe"s special "Sunday Without God" menu

The Japanese restaurant scene has always been known for theme restaurants. Some restaurants have a hospital theme with waitresses dressed like nurses and serve food that looks like something you would expect to eat while being hospitalized while others take inspiration from various cultures all over the world.

There is even one with a Christian theme with the restaurant’s interior looking like the inside of a Catholic Cathedral.


Now, one of these restaurants are doing a collaboration with one of the most talked about anime this summer, ‘Sunday without God’.

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That restaurant is Christon Cafe in Shinjuku which has a religious theme based on Christianity. The cafe has announced that they will be having this collaboration for the entire month as this limited time menu will last from August 1-31.



The first item on the menu is the 47th Semetary. It is an orange-flavored Tiramisu plated to look like a scene from the anime’s first episode. This dessert costs 780 yen per serving.


Next we have Blue and Scarlet eye Macedonia. No, I’m not talking about the country where Alexander the Great was born, I’m talking about a dessert salad made of tiny slices of fruit. This dessert also costs 780 yen per serving.


Next we go to the drinks. Let’s start off with the Ai, named after our cute little grave keeper. This drink costs 580 yen per serving and is non-alchoholic.


We then go to the drink inspired by the mysterious man who will not die, Humpny. This drink costs 850 yen per serving.

hampny 212291

Finally, here’s a drink inspired by the older, more experienced grave keeper, Sker (or Scar). This drink costs 750 yen and is served with a lemon garnish.

sker 214259

Those who avail of this special collaboration menu will get a Christon Cafe X Sunday Without God collaboration poster and to those who are able to order the entire menu will get a special Sunday Without God poster.

kami_coaster kaminai_B2_Poster

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From Diamond Dining

Feast upon Christon Cafe"s special "Sunday Without God" menu

Animate"s Free! character poll plus the latest Comiket 84 exclusives from Free!

Summer has been blazing hot and a certain anime about swimming is proving that it’s really a perfect fit for such a hot season.

With Free! still red hot and fans still talking about it, there is no doubt that Free! mania is still running wild, that’s why anime merchandise retail giant Animate has conducted a character poll on their stores, with each store yielding a different result. One peculiar thing came up however, is that one character always stood out. He took first place in three stores and without a doubt, now stands as the series’ most popular character. Can you guess who he is? Here are the results of Animate’s Free!

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character poll on three of their stores:

5-Nagisa Hazuki -822 votes

4- Rei Ryuugasaki- 688 votes

3- Haruka Nanase- 617 votes

2- Rin Matsuoka – 532 votes

1- Makoto Tachibana-515 votes


5-Nagisa Hazuki- 368 votes

4-  Rei Ryuugasaki- 294 votes

3- Haruka Nanase-264 votes

2- Rin Matsuoka -240 votes

1- Makoto Tachibana-208 votes


5- Rei Ryuugasaki- 127 v0tes

4- Hazuki Nagisa- 143 votes

3- Matsuoka Rin- 181 votes

2- Haruka Nanase- 266 votes

1- Makoto Tachibana- 286 votes


Speaking of summer, the season also means that it is almost time for Comic Market 84 or Comiket 84 and it is only fitting for one of the hottest anime of the summer take part in one of its most highly anticipated events. That’s right, official Free! merchandise will go on sale during Comiket 84!  (For more anime, manga and Japanese video game merchandise here on SGCafe, click here)


The first item is a set of Free! character straps. It comes with a two-fold mirror and a Free! summer pouch. These items come as a set and will be sold for 5,000 yen a set.


The next set comes with a Free! microfibre towel featuring Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, Haruka and Rin as well as a Free! tote bag and five buttons, each with an image of a Free! character. This set also costs 5,000 yen.


These items will be available during Comiket 84 which will be held from August 10-12 at the world-famous Tokyo Big Sight. These goods will be sold on the 4th floor.

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From Yaraon and Free! official

Animate"s Free! character poll plus the latest Comiket 84 exclusives from Free!

Creepy Hatsuna Miku Calne Ca & Ca figures spotted during WonFes

The summer edition of WonFes 2013 certainly gave us a lot of awesome figures ranging from the cute to the sexy to the cool to the beautiful to the weird as big names like Bandai, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya and many more all strut their stuff and gave figure enthusiasts something to look forward to.

Hatsune Miku has always been a huge part of Wonfes and WonFes may never be complete without a single Hatsune Miku figure spotted among the hundreds of soon-to-be-released figures. However, there is one Miku figure that particularly sticks out; Union Creative’s Calne Ca. (Read more on our Wonfes 2013 coverage as well as Vocaloid here on SGCafe)

120 122 123 124

The figure of one of Hatsune Miku’s “derivatives” certainly is scary with 6 insect-appendages coming out of Miku’s mouth.Her left hand is presented as a skeleton while her right is presented as a robotic arm with claws. Her red right eye and her robotic left eye as well as her sea louse hair decoration add to the figure’s creepiness appeal. Her legs are also robotic.

102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 116

Another scary Hatsune Miku variant is Ca, and this scary nurse version of Calne Ca also has a figure slated for release. Let’s put it this way, Silent Hill ain’t the only one having a scary nurse.

117 118 119

Both Calne Ca and Ca are created by artist Kotaro Maeda or more popularly known as Deino who is known for his disturbing CG artworks. Calne Ca has officially been recognized by Crypton as a Hatsune Miku derivative. Calne Ca is a mechanized skeleton with a Hatsune Miku skin and appears in several songs like Machine Muzik and Mokuro Attack!!

Both the Calne Ca and Ca figures featured during WonFes 2013 (Summer) are manufactured by Union Creative and are set for release during Spring 2014.


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From Livedoor Geek

Creepy Hatsuna Miku Calne Ca & Ca figures spotted during WonFes

Newest additions to the Evangelion fragrance mist collection feature Shinji and Kaworu


Evangelion. The anime that never dies, despite the fact that in every movie almost all of the characters do.

But this doesn’t seem to ever bother anyone, and so the flood of merchandise set to be readily consumed by the Evangelion fandom continues well into the present.

After releasing fragrances inspired by popular characters Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari, and Asuka Langley this May, Bandai continues the collection with “Cosmetic with EVANGELION 2 WAY Fragrance Mist Type-13″. The aptly named 2 WAY includes a set of 110 mL bottles featured by the famous boys of Evangelion:Shinji and Kaworu Nagisa. 

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eva2The Shinji version is called “Blue Musk”, while the Kaworu version is called “White Citrus”. For some reason, I feel like these smells fit the characters, so good job Bandai and the cosmetics brand developer Creer Beaute. The bottles are even designed to simulate the boys’ plug suits.

eva3 eva4

You can pre-order the fragrance set here.

The cost for the set is 3,150 yen. While the bottles themselves look cool, I can’t help but say that the box is absolutely adorable. The piano detail just brings me back to that scene, which is one of my favorite Evangelion scenes ever. Shinji and Kaworu fans will know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, make sure you see the new movie!

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Source: PRTimes

Newest additions to the Evangelion fragrance mist collection feature Shinji and Kaworu

Momoiro Clover Z cosplay Conan in latest cover of Shounen Sunday

In the latest issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shounen Sunday, you can see four Conan Edogawas and one Kaitou Kid, but if you look closely…

momoiro conan

That’s right, they’re the members of popular idol group Momoiro Clover Z and they are on the cover of Weekly Shounen Sunday #35. Members Shiori Tamai, Kanako Momota, Ayaka Sasaki and Momoka Ariyasu are seen cosplaying Conan Edogawa, complate with his signature pose. Reni Takagi meanwhile is seen dressed as Conan’s rival, Kaitou Kid. Detective Conan is one of Weekly Shounen Sunday’s most popular and longest running manga serializations. (For more on Momoiro Clover Z here on SGCafe, click here)

This issue of Weekly Shounen Sunday also includes a special “The world God only Knows‘ book as well as a one shot by ‘Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei‘ author Kouji Kumeta.

shonen sunday 35

Shogakukan’s Weekly Shounen Sunday is the magazine responsible for serializing popular manga titles like Magi, Detective Conan, Hayate the Combat Butler, Silver Spoon, The World God Only Knows and Denpa Kyoushi. It is considered as the rival to Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump! manga magazine.

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From Mantan

Momoiro Clover Z cosplay Conan in latest cover of Shounen Sunday

Gunpla loses the plastic in latest fan creation

An ambitious fan has taken on a difficult task recently: taking a standard Gundam figure and recreating it in wood.

YouTube user jyujyunosoke recently uploaded his first video to the site, and it certainly has fans buzzing. After all, he recently used wood to recreate a small scale Gundam figure. To put it in perspective, here’s a shot of the Gundam’s head next to a one yen coin (More Gunpla goodness here on SGCafe!):


Now here’s a shot of the gun he sculpted, compared with a toothpick and the original arm to show off just how thin the wood he cut was.

gundam2 copy

Each of the parts that make up the completed Gundam had to be cut and sanded individually from materials like chopsticks and small wooden stakes. Where the darkened parts of the Gundam are, each part was set over a candle until the perfect hue was set.


And what did he use his newly built wood Gundam for? To guard his collection of toothpicks from anyone attempting to try the same in his house.


You can watch the full build of the wooden counterpart in the video below.

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Gunpla loses the plastic in latest fan creation

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"Kizumonogatari" movie, prequel to Monogatari Series TV anime, to hit theatres in Japan Autumn 2013

kizunamonogatari listing on mora

A tentative theatrical release date for the anime movie adaptation of Kizumonogatari, the third book in Nisio Isin’s popular Monogatari series of light novels and a prequel to the Monogatari Series TV anime (both first and second seasons) has been set: Autumn 2013.

That is, if a listing on a catalogue page for all Monogatari series anime on Japanese online music and video store Mora is to be believed.

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The movie was originally slated for a 2012 release, but has since been postponed to an unspecified future release date. Right now if you go to the official site, you’ll note that no date or time period for the theatrical release has been released.

We’re guessing that Mora accidentally jumped the gun here and revealed the release timing for the Kizumonogatari movie ahead of the official announcement. That said, we’re not ruling out the possibility that maybe Mora just got their facts wrong, although that is quite unlikely since they had to list a bunch of information relating to the Monogatari Series Second Season in general.

kizunamonogatari 2012


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Source: Mora via 2ch


"Kizumonogatari" movie, prequel to Monogatari Series TV anime, to hit theatres in Japan Autumn 2013