Tuesday, 2 August 2016

[VIDEO] Suzuka spin-off TV anime, Fuuka, gets new PV and visual

Infamous mangaka Kouji Seo is back with a new manga getting adapted into an anime, and this time, it’s Fuuka, a spin-off of his hit manga, Suzuka. Now, the anime’s official website has finally been launched, and it reveals a new PV featuring Yamato and Suzuka’s daughter herself, Fuuka.

Sounds windy and ominous… The website has also revealed a brand new visual for the upcoming anime.


Fuuka actually features Fuuka, the daughter of Suzuka and Yamato from the Suzuka series. The story follows Yuu Haruna, a social media star with plenty of followers, whose life somehow changes when he meets the music-loving Fuuka Akitsuki. The manga is considered by many as a spin-off of Seo’s Suzuka manga, and is also set in the same world as his previous manga, A Town Where You Live In.

Like the mangaka himself, Fuuka has been quite infamous in Japan for an in-story stunt that Seo pulled which resulted to a fans getting a lot more frustrated than Seo’s other works. More details on this new TV anime will be revealed in the future.

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[VIDEO] Suzuka spin-off TV anime, Fuuka, gets new PV and visual

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