Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dancing Pikachu take over Yokohama once again!

The dancing Pikachu are back, and they have once again invaded the Japanese city of Yokohama for this year’s Pikachu Invasion! Our very own Japan correspondent, Zenko, recently visited Yokohama, and right from the time she got off her train, she can already see Pikachu everywhere! Here’s what Sakuragichou Station looked like:


And by the time she got out of the station, Zenko saw a gigantic inflated Pikachu!And since Pokemon GO is currently the hottest smartphone game in Japan, and this is a Pokemon event, staff were going around Yokohama to remind Pokemon GO players to be courteous.


According to Zenko, Pikachu were EVERYWHERE in Yokohama, and even the construction workers who were working on a road were wearing Pikachu-inspired caps as they worked. The Pikachu have even taken over the Nippon-Maru, an iconic Yokohama landmark!

And as expected, Pokemon merchandise were also present:

Here are some of the other sights in Yokohama, which have been taken over by Pikachu! There’s even a Pikachu that dressed up like Mega Sableye!

And now, the very reason for the Pikachu Invasion’s success, the Dancing Pikachu, which showed their moves during a stage event!

This year’s Pikachu Invasion of Yokohama is held from August 7 – 14, 2016, with more than 1,000 Pikachu descending upon the city!

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A huge thanks to Zenko for the pictures!

Dancing Pikachu take over Yokohama once again!

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