Tuesday, 1 November 2016

New mobile game, Valiant Force officially launches in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines

The long wait is over, as the much-awaited smartphone RPG, Valiant Force, has finally been released to South East Asia! It is now available via Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS) in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.


Prior to its release, the game launched a character design contest, and the winning designs grabbed the attention of renowned Final Fantasy designer, Yoshitaka Amano.

The game is developed by Singapore-based XII Braves and published by FunPlus, and it:

is a mobile strategy game where players move their heroes across the grid-based battlefield tactically to achieve victory. The game’s story tells the tale of 6 Valiants battling the powers of evil, and stopping at nothing to prevent the resurrection of the Queen of Blood. The game has more than 200 playable heroes spanning 40 different job classes for players to explore, allowing players to create and train their own unique squads.


The official release version contains a large amount of improvements that have been developed since the initial testing version. Many new heroes have been added, including 3 heroes that were selected as winners of the 2015 Hero Design Contest, and an all-new ‘Horde’ game mode has been added for the game’s Halloween event. The runes and equipment systems have also undergone many adjustments, and now not only equipment can be upgraded to increase rarity, but also monsters can equip runes just like other heroes in the game.

Valiant Force’s soundtrack was composed by Mr. Hitoshi Sakimoto, renowned creator behind much of the music in the Final Fantasy series. Additionally, all of the heroes now have brand new Japanese dubbing, including the voices of famous voice actors such as Yūki Kaji (Attack on Titan, Nanatsu no Taizai) and Yoshino Nanjou (Love Live!).

Chief of Operations Jonathan Leong stated, “The official launch of Valiant Force marks a momentous milestone for both FunPlus and XII Braves as it is the fruition of both teams’ hard work. This is just the beginning, as we are looking to the upcoming months and 2017 with the Christmas Event, Guild Conquest system, and more exciting updates in the pipeline.”

All players who pre-registered for Valiant Force should check their email inboxes for the exclusive item code, which would be sent out before November 8th. As there were more than 60,000 players who registered, all players will also receive Leandra Nightsong as well as an additional unlock that includes 5 pieces of items, one of them being the Genesis Griffin Wings.


Rewards can be redeemed using the following link: http://www.playvaliantforce.com/redeem

So what are you waiting for, play now!


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New mobile game, Valiant Force officially launches in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines

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