Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Live-action Hyouka movie reveals Oreki and Chitanda

Kyoto Animation’s hit anime series, Hyouka, which is also based on Honobu Yonezawa’s mystery novel, is getting a live-action movie adaptation, and the two main characters playing Eru Chitanda and Houtarou Oreki have finally been revealed!


Plating the brilliant-but-lazy Oreki is prolific live-action anime/manga adaptation actor, Kento Yamazaki (Your Lie in April), while the ever-curious Eru Chitanda is Alice Hirose, who is no stranger to live-action adaptations of anime/manga herself, previously appearing in the live-action Silver Spoon movie. This will be the third time the two of them will be appearing in a movie together.

Slated to make its Japanese premiere in 2017, the film is directed by Mari Asato. More cast members and details are expected to be revealed in the days ahead.

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Live-action Hyouka movie reveals Oreki and Chitanda

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