Thursday, 3 November 2016

[NEW ANIME] Fate/Grand Order smartphone game gets anime adaptation

Folks, brace yourselves, we are getting a new Fate anime! After the success of the original 2006 anime, the Fate/Zero prequel, and the Unlimited Blade Works anime, as well as the Prisma Illya series and the upcoming Fate/Extra anime, a new adaptation has been announced for the franchise, and this time, it is for the Type-Moon smartphone game app, Fate/Grand Order.


Lay-duce will be animating this new Fate anime, which will be aired as a feature-length TV special, to be aired by the end of 2016. It has been confirmed that Maaya Sakamoto is the one who is singing the new TV anime special’s theme song.

The story follows a “Holy Frail Expedition” by the humanity survival and security organization Caldea after humanity’s extinction was confirmed in 2017.

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Source: MoCa News

[NEW ANIME] Fate/Grand Order smartphone game gets anime adaptation

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