Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hiromu Arakawa"s Silver Spoon to return from hiatus in January 2016

Silver Spoon fans, rejoice! After a lengthy hiatus which started last May, Hiromu Arakawa’s agricultural manga, Silver Spoon, will finally be returning in January 27, 2016 in issue #9 of Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine’s 2016 edition.


The legendary mangaka, who is also responsible for creating Full Metal Alchemist and illustrating the Heroic Legend of Arslan manga, said she slowed down the pace of the manga due to the declining health of a family member. Last April however, was the end of that family member’s treatment, and Arakawa and said that she will continue making the manga as she watches over her family.

The return has been welcome news for fans who are eagerly awaiting for the manga’s return since May, which subsequently came after a shorter hiatus which lasted until April earlier this year.

Silver Spoon is Arakawa Hiromu’s follow-up to her successful manga series, Full Metal Alchemist. Set in an agricultural school in Hokkaido, it depicts the daily life of  Yuugo Hachiken, a student from Sapporo who had enrolled into the school under the false impression that he will be able to do well because of the easier academic courses. The series has inspired two anime series.

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Source: ANN

Hiromu Arakawa"s Silver Spoon to return from hiatus in January 2016

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