Thursday, 19 November 2015

Pikachu only 5th?! Charapedia ranks the Top 20 cutest anime mascots

Mascots are popular in Japan, and many provinces, towns, and prefectures in the country even have their own mascot character like Kumamon and Funnasyi. Anime series are no different, as these mascots are often used to appeal to both kids and adults.

For this week’s poll by the Japanese anime character database, Charapedia, they asked fans which anime mascot is the one they think is the cutest of them all. With 10,000 votes, 57.7% male and 42.3% female, here are the Top 20:

20) Sonic – Blood Blockade Battlefront

19) The Tanuki – Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

18) Kon – Bleach

17) Piyo-chan – Uta no Prince-sama

16) Hawk – The Seven Deadly Sins

15) Shiloh – Crayon Shin-chan

14) Mokona – Magic Knight Rayearth

13) Taromaru – School Live!

12) Haro – the Gundam franchise

11) Happy Fairy Tail

10) Gekota – A Certain series


9) Tetsuya No. 2 – Kuroko’s Basketball


8) Elizabeth – Gintama


7) Cerberus – Cardcaptor Sakura


6) Tippy – Is the Order a Rabbit?


5) Pikachu – Pokemon


4_ Nyanko-sensei – Natsume’s Book of Friends


3) Kyuubey – Madoka Magica


2) Sadaharu – Gintama


1) Tony Tony Chopper – One Piece


Fan-favorite Pikachu only makes it to 5th place, with Tony Tony Chopper taking the top spot over everyone else! It’s really not that big of an upset really, but the fact that Pikachu only gets 5th, with Nyanko-sensei and Sadaharu beating him may be a bit of a surprise.

But just one thing bothers me though, there are people who think Elizabeth is cute?!

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Pikachu only 5th?! Charapedia ranks the Top 20 cutest anime mascots

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