Monday, 23 November 2015

These are the subtle changes in anime as animators and directors are changed

We often see huge changes in anime when a series changes studios or character designers, with series like My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU and Log Horizon providing good examples. However, sometimes, changes in animation are a little more subtle, with fans barely even noticing the changes.


While changing studios or character designers provide big or noticeable changes, changing the director or the animators working on a project sometimes leads to some minor changes, as seen in the example above for the series, Gundam AGE. These are often seen in long-running anime such as One Piece and Dragon Ball, but they can also be seen in other series such as K-On! and A Certain series. Here are a few more examples of the subtle art changes whenever the animators or the anime director is changed, but the anime remains with the same studio:

Dragon Ball (Dragon Ball Super included)

Dragon Ball

Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Crystal not included)


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A Certain series


Crayon Shin-chan




Hunter x Hunter


One Piece


Now that’s subtle.

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Source: Kotaku

These are the subtle changes in anime as animators and directors are changed

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