Monday, 22 February 2016

[VIDEO] Sword Art Online becoming a reality as IBM plans to make VRMMOs real

Sword Art Online introduced many fans to the world of VRMMOs, and that might just become reality as IBM’s new “VRMMO Project” is aiming to integrate the ideas introduced by Reki Kawahara in the Sword Art Online light novels, and into real life.

The “VRMMO Project” will be using a new system called the “Cognitive System,” which will support the user’s decision making, and the “SoftLayer,” which is a brand new high-performance cloud system which will reproduce a new world which will make you feel like living in that virtual world. Together, these two systems make up the “VRMMO Project,” which will put us closer to the world of Sword Art Online, and eventually, maybe also lead us to something much like Accel World, another one of Reki Kawahara’s light novels. The project also boasts a “completely different gaming experience.”



Residents in Japan can apply for the project’s “Alpha Testing (sorry guys, you can’t become a Beta Tester yet, so you can’t become a Beater like Kirito yet since it’s still Alpha Testing) through the project’s official website. Only 208 participants are going to be allowed for Alpha Testing, and those tests will be held from March 18 – 20 in Tokyo.

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[VIDEO] Sword Art Online becoming a reality as IBM plans to make VRMMOs real

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