Sunday, 14 February 2016

WHAT?! Zangief Cosplayer wins the Miss Chun-Li Cosplay Contest

During a recent Street Fighter V event by Capcom, the organizers recently held a special cosplay contest for Chun-Li cosplayers, however, the contest yielded one very unlikely winner, which is the guy who cosplayed ZANGIEF!


The contestants who joined the event included renowned cosplayer and gamer, Kayo Satoh, gravure model, Yuka Kuramochi, and actress Mai Hino, who all dressed up as Street Fighter’s iconic Chinese fighter. However, none of them won the contest, as it was awarded to cosplayer and body builder, Taichi Shimizu, who cosplayed the Russian grappler named Zagief. Remember that awesome Zangief cosplayer back in Comiket 89? Yeah, that’s him!


The contestants were also given a chance to show their stuff, doing splits and kicks. However, Taichi Shimizu went with what Zangief did best, and showed those muscles. And after all the judging, he came out the winner! WHAT AN UPSET!


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Source: AFA Channel

WHAT?! Zangief Cosplayer wins the Miss Chun-Li Cosplay Contest

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