Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Pokemon School for elementary kids? Pokemon after-school educational facility to open in April

A new Pokemon-themed educational facility called Pokemon Global Academy will be opening its doors later this year, and aims to educate kids after school, all with the help of Nintendo’s lovable Pokemon. Just a four-minute walk from the Tama-Plaza Station, the Pokemon Global Academy is will be open to elementary school kids, grade 1 and up.


The Pokemon Global Academy will be offering various after-school programs, including an experience program where kids can learn about the world, from the various jobs in animation, toy making, and food, to learning about the world around them, the cultures of other nations, sports, and many others, all with the help of Pokemon of course.


They are also offering up a programming course and an English-language course, to help Japanese kids learn the basics of the English language.


The Pokemon Global Academy aims to teach kids through “edutainment,” which means that they will use a means of entertainment like Pokemon, in order to make kids learn. This uses the concept of “Play to Learn,” as it is often found out that kids learn more when they are having fun. The kids will be having a “Kid Trainer,” who will not only teach them, but play with them through Pokemon.


There are two areas where facilities are being planned, one in Yokohama, and one in Kawasaki. Enrollment is now going on, and just like any other Japanese school, classes are scheduled to begin in April.


The Pokemon Global Academy is also planning a pre-school and play space for kids ages 0 – 5. For more information, you can also visit Shopro’s official website.

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A Pokemon School for elementary kids? Pokemon after-school educational facility to open in April

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