Wednesday, 13 January 2016

[VIDEO] Pokemon kicks off their 20th anniversary with a bang

20 years ago, Nintendo introduced two games which have revolutionized the gaming world, they were called Pokemon Red Version and Pokemon Blue Version. These two classics went on to spawn various other Pokemon games, but without the original two, we would not have even gotten started in our unforgettable Pokemon journey. To kick off the celebrations for the franchise’s 20th anniversary, a new announcement video was released:

According to the video, there will be monthly distributions of legendary Pokemon every month starting February. For North America, they are launching a special 3DS bundle, which includes both original games, while in Europe, they are releasing three 2DS bundles, one for Red, one for Blue, and one for Yellow. Both of these bundles will be released in their respective territories on February 27.


Also included in the celebrations are new trading card bundles, remastered editions of the Pokemon movie, and a new Red Nendoroid, which will come with Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. The new Champion version will be available exclusively via the Pokemon Center.


And of course, more new games will be coming this year, such as Pokken Tournament for Wii U, and the much-anticipated Pokemon GO. Several other 20th anniversary Pokemerchandise will be going on sale as well. Fans can also share their fondest Pokemon memories with the twitter hashtag, #Pokemon20.


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[VIDEO] Pokemon kicks off their 20th anniversary with a bang

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