Monday, 18 January 2016

[VIDEO] Magi: Adventure of Sinbad"s announcement PV is streamed

In Magi, Sinbad is the mighty King of the Seven Seas, and after a great run with a few OVAs, he is finally getting himself his own TV anime, which like the OVAs, will serve as a prequel to the current Magi storyline. A new PV announcing the anime has been streamed as well, check it out:

The PV teases that the anime will be following the Baal arc, Valefor arc, Badr arc, Sasan arc, and the Artemyra arc from Shinobu Ohtaka and Yoshifumi Ootera’s prequel spin-off about the early days of Sinbad. The video also confirms that the staff and cast from the OVAs will be returning for this new TV anime project, which will begin airing in April.


Five OVA episodes have been released, all of which were bundled with the release of the manga.

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[VIDEO] Magi: Adventure of Sinbad"s announcement PV is streamed

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