Friday, 8 January 2016

We are not surprised at all! The Top 20 anime which need a sequel according to fans

There are many great anime series which many fans are begging animation studios to create sequels of, and for one of their very first polls for 2016, the Japanese character database, Charapedia, has asked fans on which anime series do they think deserve a sequel.

With 10,000 votes, 51.5% male, and 48.5% female, here are the Top 20 series which fans think deserve a sequel:

20) Shirobako

19) Tokyo Ghoul

18) Is the Order a Rabbit??

17) Chivalry of a Failed Knight

16) Free!

15) Seraph of the End

14) Yona of the Dawn

13) Overlord

12) Barakamon

11) Sword Art Online



9) Prison School


8) No Game, No Life


7) Hyouka


6) Himouto! Umaru-chan


5) The Irregular at Magic High School


4) School Live!


3) Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


2) One Punch Man


1) A Certain Magical Index


Wow! A Certain Magical Index beating One Punch Man?! That’s not very surprising as fans have been frustrated since 2011, and have been asking for a third season. J.C. Staff, which has been quite aware of the demand for a season 3, has not yet confirmed a new anime for the A Certain series.

On the other hand, second place One Punch Man has proven to be last year’s most popular anime, so it’s no surprise that fans are still hyping, which means that they want more. The same can also be said for Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun and School Live!, as well as the rest of the anime on Charapedia’s list.

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We are not surprised at all! The Top 20 anime which need a sequel according to fans

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