Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Top 20 most charming siblings in anime, according to Charapedia

Anime has introduced us to some pretty wacky siblings, and anime has also introduced us to some pretty unusual ones. For this week, the Japanese anime character database, Charapedia, has polled its readers on which anime siblings are the most charming.

With a total of 10,000 votes, 48.6% of whom male, while 51.5% are female, Charapedia has released their Top 20, and they are comprised of:

20 – The Onodera Sisters – Nisekoi

19 – The Kosaka Sisters – Love Live!

18 – The Okita Siblings – Gintama

17 – The Hoto Sisters – Is the Order a Rabbit?

16 – The Minami Sisters – Minami-Ke!

15 – The Blank Siblings – No Game, No Life

14 – The Orihara Siblings – Durarara!!

13 – The Hikigaya Siblings – My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

12 – The Matsuoka Siblings –  Free!

11 – The Doma Siblings – Himouto! Umaru-chan

10 – The Uchiha Brothers – Naruto


9 – The Kirigaya Siblings – Sword Art Online


8 – The Shimura Siblings – Gintama


7 – The Araragi Siblings – Monogatari


6 – Kamui and Kagura – Gintama


5 –  The Shiba Siblings – The Irregular at Magic High School


4 – The Kousaka Siblings – OreImo


3- The Hirasawa Sisters – K-On!


2 – The Matsuno Sextuplets – Mr. Osomatsu


1 – The Elric Brothers – Full Metal Alchemist


Edward and Alphonse Elric have taken the top spot from the Matsuno Sextuplets, and it wasn’t even close. The lovable brothers have always been charming, and it was shown in this week’s Charapedia poll. Though the Sextuplets aren’t slouches either, as it took second place from some very popular siblings as well, including the Araragis, the Shibas and the Kousakas.

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The Top 20 most charming siblings in anime, according to Charapedia

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