Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why Cosplayers should be careful with Contact Lenses: Cosplayer could lose eye after mishap

Contact lenses are a staple in most cosplays nowadays, however, a mishap during the Space City Con event in the United States could make one cosplayer lose his eye thanks to the contact lens he was wearing for his Gambit cosplay.


As we all know, contact lenses are applied to the eyes, which are also one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, as American cosplayer, Johnny Hybrid, found out rather painfully as he tried to cosplay X-Men’s Gambit.


According to Houston Press:

While getting ready to go to the Space City Con over the weekend, Johnny washed his hands, picked up a bottle of saline, cleaned his $300 red contact lenses (he was wearing the same Gambit costume as pictured above) and dropped them in.

Problem is, his girlfriend and cosplay partner Yami had been using hairspray around the same counter the bottle of saline had been sitting on. With his hands wet from washing, when Johnny picked up the saline bottle, he got some hairspray on his hands, and thus also his eyes.

In a statement, the X-Men cosplayer told Houston press about his painful experience: “So I pretty much put in lenses full of hairspray, which burned the crap out of my eye, like, holy hell did it hurt.”He then added that “So out of sheer desperation, I pinched out the contact lens, taking a chunk out my eye with it.”

Ouch! He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, and was told that “he may lose his eye”. He will be coming back to the optometrist for a check up and waiting to hear if he could lose an eye or not.

Well, let this be a lesson to all cosplayers out there, safety first, and always remember to keep those contact lenses far away from harmful chemicals like hairspray as much as possible.

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Source: Kotaku

Thank you Kazuo for the heads up

Why Cosplayers should be careful with Contact Lenses: Cosplayer could lose eye after mishap

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