Thursday, 2 June 2016

[ASIA] giving away free GunPla as the Mid Year Campaign for 2016 officially begins

GunPla builders rejoice! Because Bandai has now launched their latest GunPla giveaway campaign, the Midyear Campaign 2016, and yes, they are giving away free GunPla as prizes for the lucky winners, and these prizes range from Perfect Grade Gunpla, all the way to HG GunPla.


For South East Asia, the campaign will last from 1 June until 12 September, and like all previous campains, selected kits with GUNDAM.INFO MID YEAR CAMPAIGN 2016 stickers will get people a chance to win cool prizes. Inside one selected item, there will be one serial card, and customers must enter join, enter the code, and see if they won. The following kits from these series are eligible: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS, GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY, GUNDAM SEED, THUNDERBOLT, GUNDAM UC, GUNDAM 00, GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS, GUNDAM SEED DESTINY, GUNDAM THE ORIGIN


Here are the prizes which can be won if a fan buys a specially selected GunPla kit:


Not only that, there will also be giveaways for Gundam Battle Operation NEXT (Only available to Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia) and Gundam Breaker 3  (Only available to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines)


For more information, please visit Gundam.infoGood luck everyone!

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[ASIA] giving away free GunPla as the Mid Year Campaign for 2016 officially begins

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