Thursday, 9 June 2016

[SPOILERS] Nisekoi"s Promised Girl is finally revealed!!!!!!!!

Before reading the rest of this article, please not that this article contains spoilers about the recent plot of Nisekoi, as shown from scans of the latest chapter from Naoshi Komi’s bestselling romance manga. But if you really want to see some spoilers, #TeamChitoge and #TeamOnodera people, be prepared, harden your hearts, and did we mentioned be prepared?

These scans are taken from Chapter 221 of the Nisekoi manga, which finally reveals what happened during the childhoods of Raku, Chitoge, and Onodera. While many manga readers don’t like flashbacks too much, Nisekoi is one manga where fans really want to see that one certain flashback. Now, we are not gonna explain much about what will happen, but we will post choice images from the chapter, and it is up to you on how to interpret them… until the new chapter has officially been released of course, so without further ado, here they are:




What?! Onodera?! Well, I guess #TeamOnodera has a lot of reason to celebrate, but remember, the series is still not done yet! Here is a better look at that scene from a Korean translator.


Is it wrong to ask for a harem ending with Raku ending up with both?!

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[SPOILERS] Nisekoi"s Promised Girl is finally revealed!!!!!!!!

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