Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Japanese government steps up anti-anime piracy drive by hiring a "Pirate Hunter"

The anime industry may be a huge industry in Japan, however, the industry is still losing millions of dollars worth of revenue from piracy, and it has gotten so bad that the Government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has even hired a certain “Pirate Hunter” to help out.


No, not the Marines from One Piece, but the Japanese Government has hired a specialist who will be monitoring the vast and magical place known as the internet. This specialist will be watching out for illegally uploaded content, such as anime and movies, and this move will be strengthening the government’s campaign against piracy… arrrrrrrrrr.

This so-called expert will be heading to certain video streaming websites and will be watching their videos one by one, and he/she will be the one to determine whether the content of the video is pirated or not. This move is done with cooperation with the The Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), as well as some of the country’s broadcasters and official distributors, who are certainly losing a ton of money due to piracy.

It should be noted that the Japanese government does have computers and programs which analyze if a video is pirated material or not, however, that does not seem to be enough, and (expert) human eyes have been called in to help bolster the efforts of these computers.

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Source: Yomiuri

Japanese government steps up anti-anime piracy drive by hiring a "Pirate Hunter"

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