Saturday, 4 June 2016

Limited Edition Fate/Extella bundle to come with a Saber Bride Oppai Mouse Pad

The limited edition version for Marvelous and Type-Moon’s upcoming Musuo-style game for the Fate series, Fate/Extella, has finally been revealed. Called the “Fate/EXTELLA VELBER BOX”, the bundle will not only come with BOTH the PS Vita version and the PS4 version, but a few other goodies as well.


The Velber Box is highlighted by an oppai mouse pad featuring Saber Bride, which is an alternate costume for Red Saber, or Emperor Nero Claudius. It will also come with the in-game Saber Bride costume itself, as well as a supplementary booklet, which will explain the world of Fate. The entire bundle will cost 19,990 yen + tax.

Another limited edition version, called the “Regalia Box” has also been announced, but it comes with a different artwork, and will not be coming with the Saber Bride oppai mouse pad, and it will only come with either the PS4 or the PS Vita version, as opposed to the Velber Box which will come with both. This Regalia Box will cost 9,980 yen for the PS4 version, and 8,980 yen for the PS Vita version.


As for the game’s standard editions, the PS4 version will cost 7,980 yen, while the PS Vita version will come with a price tag worth 6,980 yen. All versions of the game, including the Regalia Box and Velber Box bundles, is slated for release in Japan on 10 November 2016.


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Source: Fate/Extella official

Limited Edition Fate/Extella bundle to come with a Saber Bride Oppai Mouse Pad

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