Sunday, 12 June 2016

Nisekoi manga to enter "Climax" in the next issue

After revealing who the real promised girl (warning: the link has spoilers) is for Naoshi Komi’s bestselling romance manga, Nisekoi, Issue # 28 of Weekly Shounen Jump! Magazine has revealed that in the next issue, Issue # 29, which is due for release on 20 June, will be the story’s “climax”.


However, ANN has noted that “While in Japanese, the word ‘climax’ written in the phonetic katakana alphabet often refers to the final chapter of a manga, the word used in this instance is kakyou, the Japanese word for climax"”. It was also revealed that there will be a center color page for Nisekoi for this “climax” chapter.


So, who will end up with Raku? Is it Onodera, or will it be Chitoge? One thing is for sure, fans will be hotly debating the ending for this manga.


Is it wrong to ask for a harem ending with Raku ending up with both?!

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 Sourc: ANN

Nisekoi manga to enter "Climax" in the next issue

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