Saturday, 15 October 2016

[VIDEO] New Kuroko"s Basketball: Last Game PV introduces members of Team Jabberwock

They are adapting Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s sequel spin-off manga, Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game into an anime movie titled Kuroko’s Basketball: New Game, and a brand new promotional video has been revealed, and it gives us a look at two members of Team Jabberwock, the movie’s antagonists.

Team Jabberwock is an American basketball team which plays streetball, and after soundly defeating a Japanese team and mocking Japanese basketball, a dream team of the “Generation of Miracles” plus other Japanese basketball standouts are formed to play against them for the pride of the country.


Unlike the manga, which is called “Extra Game,” the movie will be officially titled Kuroko’s Basketball: Final Game. The movie will be making its premiere sometime in Spring 2017.

Kuroko’s Basketball manga creator, Tadatoshi Fujimaki himself will be supervising the making of the movie. He will also be providing a special episode just for the movie alone. The film will follow an all-star team, known as Team Vorpal Swords, consisting of the members of the Generation of Miracles plus Taiga Kagami, as they take on Team Jabberwock, a powerful team of American streetballers.

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[VIDEO] New Kuroko"s Basketball: Last Game PV introduces members of Team Jabberwock

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