Saturday, 31 December 2016

Solve a mystery with Conan, as Universal Studios Japan hosts Detective Conan: The Escape game!

Conan is headed to Universal Studios Japan, and he needs your help to crack a case! Universal Studios Japan is about to launch their Cool Japan campaign for 2017, and one of the highlights is definitely the Detective Conan Escape Game, which has been officially titled Detective Conan: The Escape.

Here is the Escape Game’s official description, according to the official Universal Studios Japan English website:

The ultimate real escape game has arrived! Enter a world that’s exactly like the original story, and work with Conan and his friends to solve a mystery! All the participants of the lecture meeting hosted by the Osaka Prefectural Police have been wired with bombs! Defuse the bombs within the sixty-minute time limit and reveal the truth of the case! Real live characters appear before your very eyes, including Heiji, who performs amazing stunts. A spectacular live mystery event that is only possible at Universal Studios Japan. Get through a life-threatening situation with Conan, strengthen bonds, and experience an overwhelming sense of achievement.

The theme park will be holding the Escape Game from January 13 – May 28, 2017. As with all other Cool Japan attractions, there will be a separate ticket for participating in the Escape Game. Each ticket costs 2,980 yen in addition to purchasing the Universal Studios Japan ticket. However, there is also the Pair Ticket option, which costs 7,980 yen. Cool Japan also has other attractions, including ones from Sengoku, Godzilla, Evangelion, Attack on Titan, and Monster Hunter. Visitors ca purchase the Cool Japan Express Pass 5 option to enjoy all five attractions for 6,900 yen… in addition to your USJ ticket of course.

The Cinema 4D Store, as well as several other Universal Studios Japan stores will also be selling Detective Conan Merchandise. These include Conan’s wristwatch and a Detective Conan ball-point pen with flashlight. They are also selling collectible Conan key chains as well. And if you’re hungry, why not chow down on some Detective Conan Chowder Bread and wash it down with the Conan Hot Chocolate drink?

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Solve a mystery with Conan, as Universal Studios Japan hosts Detective Conan: The Escape game!

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