Thursday, 22 December 2016

Makoto Shinkai answers criticisms regarding your name.

Makoto Shinkai’s your name. may be the biggest Japanese movie of 2016, however, not everyone seems to like it that much. In fact, the multi-award-winning anime movie has received plenty of harsh criticisms throughout its massively successful run.

The many things critics have said about the film include:

“If you make a movie with lots of catchy, trendy elements, it’s not hard to making over 10 billion yen (US$85.5 million) at the box office.”

“Shinkai threw away his artistic style to make the movie a hit.”

“He sold his soul for financial success.”

“He just mixed together various common motifs, so of course the movie is gonna be popular.”

Ouch! And that’s not even the harshest one. That honor goes to Golden Boy mangaka, anime critic, and eternal sourpuss, Tatsuya Egawa, who said that “

“Looking at the film as a professional, it’s not interesting at all.”

However, despite all the criticisms, Shinkai wasn’t phased at all, and finally answered back to his critics by saying:

“Well, maybe they’re exactly right [about Your Name not being very good. But at the same time, if it’s that easy for them to make a successful anime, by all means, they should go right ahead and make one too. I didn’t aim for the big box office numbers; those are just the result of the movie being what it is. After all, it’s hard to sell something that’s specifically created to be sold.”

He then added that:

“For two years, we struggled and struggled and struggled. So when I hear people saying ‘It’s a movie that combines catchy, trendy things,’ I get pretty angry.’”

He’s finally firing back people! Well, if a movie tops the Japanese box office for months on end, I guess there would be plenty of criticisms regarding it. As they always say, you can’t please everyone.

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source: Rocket News 24

Makoto Shinkai answers criticisms regarding your name.

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