Friday, 2 December 2016

The Top 20 most charming old ladies in anime according to fans

After taking a look at some of the most charming grandfathers in all of anime last week, Japanese character database, Charapedia, turned their focus on the lovable old ladies in anime for this week’s poll.

Out of 10,000 votes, 48.9% were male while 51.1% were female. A total of 37 characters were included in the poll (not all actually had grandchildren), however, only the Top 20 were revealed, and they are:

20 – Lucille Bernoulli (Karakuri Circus)

19 – Tomi Ichimonji (K-On!)

18 – Sui Shijima (Hanasaku Iroha)

17 – Biscuit Krueger (Hunter x Hunter)

16 – Hitoha Miyamizu (your name.)

15 –  Geparuto Giboshi (KochiKame)

14 – Kaoruko Hanasaki (Heartcatch Pretty Cure!)

13 – Tamako (Kyoukai no RINNE)

12 – Cologne (Ranma 1/2)

11 – Tsunade (Naruto)

10 – Sakae Jinnouchi (Summer Wars)


9 – Dr. Kureha (One Piece)


8 – Kanta’s grandmother (My Neighbor Totoro)


7 – Kotake Sakura (Chibi Maruko-chan)


6 – Nobita’s grandmother (Doraemon)


5 – Otose (Gintama)


4 – Yubaba (Spirited Away)


3 – Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho)


2 – Fune Isono (Sazae-san)


1 – Dola (Laputa: Castle in the Sky)


Studio Ghibli has plenty of lovable grannies, and that certainly is the case for this poll, as the esteemed studio’s works take three of the Top 10 spots in the list, including the top spot, which went to Castle in the Sky’s own badass granny, Dola.

Meanwhile, other iconic grandmas have also made the list, like Genkai, Otose, and Yubaba, as well as Sakae from Summer Wars, who definitely stole the show in the film. Meanwhile, shounen anime stalwarts like Tsunade and Biscuit did make the Top 20, but failed short of reaching the Top 10.

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The Top 20 most charming old ladies in anime according to fans

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