Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The SGCAFE List: 4 anime we think might have a lot of potential to be big in 2017

2017 is looking to be a big year for anime, and we are excited to see a lot of titles for this year. But what are the anime we are most excited to watch this year? There are actually plenty, like Attack on Titan 2, Saekano 2, Boruto: Naruto Next generations, Full Metal Panic, Fate/Extra, and others, however, those anime are already part of an established franchise.

We took a look at some of the upcoming 2017 anime that are yet to establish themselves, and we think that they might be big this year, or have the potential to be big. We purposely excluded anime from the new Winter 2017 season, as we are having a separate SGCAFE List just for that soon. Here are our picks:

Eromanga-sensei (Spring 2017)

We have to admit, OreImo is a bit of a guilty pleasure, and when we heard that another one of series creator Tsukasa Fushimi’s light novels is getting a TV anime, we were quite stoked. Much like OreImo, Eromanga Sensei is about two siblings, however, this time, it’s about a young light novel author whose illustrator turns out to be his little sister, under her pen name, Eromanga-sensei

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (Spring 2017)

Based on the award-winning light novels by Kakeru Kobashiri, the anime promises to be one of the year’s best when it comes to the fantasy genre. The anime follows a witch named “Zero” as she searches for a legendary magical tome known as “The Book of Zero” along with her mostly unwilling half-beast mercenary bodyguard.

Welcome to the Ballroom (Summer 2017)

If you like Yuri on Ice and got interested in Figure Skating, maybe you would also like the upcoming summer 2016 anime, Welcome to the Ballroom, which is an anime about Ballroom Dancing and Dance Sport.

Centaur’s Worries/ A Centaur’s Life (sometime in 2017)

Personally, I loved the manga, and I was really excited when they announced the anime. The manga is relaxing and light-hearted, and may become the “Flying Witch” of whatever season it will be part of, providing a light contrast to some of this year’s heavy stories which are full of suffering and violence (*ahem* Berserk, Attack on Titan).

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The SGCAFE List: 4 anime we think might have a lot of potential to be big in 2017

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