Thursday, 19 January 2017

Official title for latest Full Metal Panic! anime revealed

We’ve been waiting over a decade for a new Full Metal Panic! anime, and now, new details about it have been announced! This is because the official website has revealed the fourth anime’s official title, which is “Full Metal Panic!: Invisible Victory”.

The first part for the audio drama, “Odoru Very Merry Christmas”, was released last December, with the next episode being released on January 23.

The website also lists the staff for the series:

Director: Katsuichi Nakayama

Character Designer/Chief Animation Director: Osamu Horiuchi

Sub Character Designer/Animation Director: Aya Yamamoto

Gun Designer/Animation Director: Takeshi Yoshioka

Mechanic Designer: Kanetake Ebigawa, Toshiaki Ihara

Set Designer: Takayuki Yanase

Mechanic Director: Masanori Nishii

Prop Designer/Mechanic Animation Director: Takuya Matsumura

Mechanic Animation Director: Masaru Kato

CG Director: Masanori Kamiji

Color Designer: Chiaki Kitabayashi (XEBEC)

Special Effects: Shin Inoie

Anime Production: Xebec

The latest Full Metal Panic! anime was released as an OVA back in 2006, with the latest TV anime being Second Raid, which was aired in 2005. Full Metal Panic!: Invisible Victory will be the fourth Full Metal Panic! anime, and it is slated for fall 2017.

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Source: Crunchyroll

Official title for latest Full Metal Panic! anime revealed

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