Thursday, 12 January 2017

Moe English teacher, Ellen Baker, returns with warning about underage drinking in new board game

After a brief moment in the spotlight as the internet’s moe darling, New Horizon mascot teacher, Ellen baker, is back, and it seems that she is teaching students about the dangers of underage drinking.

The meme-inspiring English Teacher’s game is actually an official one. According to ANN, the game “plays similar to Snakes and Ladders, and players use dice to determine how far their pieces can travel along a path. The Ellen version of the game seeks to educate youth about the dangers of underage drinking.”

The pink text in the middle of the game board reads, “Life changes with one beer. For better or for worse.” The characters on the board highlight different problems youth may face if they partake in underage drinking. The listed risks range from impotence and irregular periods to an increased tendency to exhibit problematic behavior.

Each player starts with 3000 “hop” tokens, and some spaces on the board add to or take away from players’ total number of hops. Just like other versions of sugoroku games, players can land on spaces that make them move back to start or lose certain numbers of turns. Each space depicts a scenario related to alcohol and punishes or rewards players for their symbolic choices. The spaces with a small image of Ellen are the only non-event spaces.

Players reach the legal drinking age of 20 on the “STOP!” square. The event spaces after that reward players for their good drinking habits with extra rolls and chances to move forward. In many sugoroku-style board games, the person to reach the goal first wins. But in this Ellen alcohol educational game, the player with the most hops after the game ends wins.

Previously, Ellen Baker’s character designer, Denchubo, asked fans to restrain themselves when it comes to her fanart as having too much ecchi images of her could upset teachers and parents and leading her to be replaced as the textbook’s English teacher character. However, as this dakimakura shows, fans aren’t really listening… or are only in it for money, but who knows?

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Source: ANN

Moe English teacher, Ellen Baker, returns with warning about underage drinking in new board game

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