Friday, 4 December 2015

This Pikachu plushie is totally cheap at 45,000 yen, right?

Good Smile Company and Pokemon have teamed up with legendary German toy makers, Steiff, for a special limited edition plushie of Pokemon’s iconic electric mouse mascot, Pikachu, and it comes with one very hefty price tag.


Made by master artisans from the German toy makers, Steiff, who are noted for being one of the very first to sell teddy bears in history, this Pikachu plush toy is priced at a mere 45,000 yen, which is pretty cheap, right? Not only is it made by master craftsmen, these cute little electric mice are also made of high quality material, like the “finest natural mohair which is wonderful to the touch, creating a plush doll that not only looks amazing but is also lovely to feel as it sits by your side”.

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Measuring in at approximately 280mm in height, these high-end Pikachu plushies are now available via the Good Smile Online shop.

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Source: Good Smile Online

This Pikachu plushie is totally cheap at 45,000 yen, right?

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