Wednesday, 2 December 2015

[VIDEO] New Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- game PV previews a whole lot of action

With Valkyrie Drive Mermaid currently raising a lot of eyebrows with each episode, the PS Vita game part of Marvelous’s new yuri-ecchi franchise, New Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni-, has been previewed in a new promo video, which introduces the characters featured in the game, starting off with the two main characters, the Kagurazaka sisters, Rinka and Ranka.

Not only does the video introduce the characters, it also previews the gameplay, character customization, and of course, since this is Valkyrie Drive we are talking about, some of the “action” between the Exters and Liberators.


This series will center around the sisters, Ranka and Rinka Kagurazaka, who can both turn into weapons when kissed by their partners, in this case, each other. The game is scheduled to be released on December 10, 2015 for the PS Vita and the standard edition will cost 6,980 yen. On the other hand, the game’s limited edition Nyu Nyu DX Pack, which will contain a special artbook and box, will cost 8,480 yen.

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[VIDEO] New Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- game PV previews a whole lot of action

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