Monday, 21 December 2015

[VIDEO] Terraformars Revenge"s new PV is finally streamed

The struggle against the giant Martian cockroaches continues with Terraformars Revenge, and a brand new PV has finally been streamed, courtesy of the Warner Brothers Anime YouTube channel, which not only features those cockroaches and the cast, but a whole lot of screaming as well.

Aside from the copious amount of screaming and giant cockroaches, the video also confirms that the anime will be airing beginning April 2016.


Terraformars Revenge is a direct sequel to the first series and will follow the continuation of the Annex I arc, which is the sequel to the BUGS-I arc, which was featured in an OVA project, as well as the upcoming live-action movie.


[VIDEO] Terraformars Revenge"s new PV is finally streamed

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