Friday, 11 March 2016

Barakamon Prequel Anime, Handa-Kun, to Premiere in July 2016

A new official website and twitter page have been revealed for the upcoming Barakamon prequel anime, Handa-kun, and both sites have revealed the very first visual for the anime, which features Seishuu Handa as a student, before sporting a look which he usually has in Barakamon.

At first he was like…


And then he was like…


Poor Handa… poor, poor Handa… The website also revealed that Handa-kun is slated for release on July 2016, which means that it will be part of the Summer 2016 anime season.

Award-winning mangaka, Satsuki Yoshino, who is responsible for the original Barakamon series, is also responsible for this prequel spin-off, which follows young Seishuu Handa, who is still as pessimistic as he is as an adult. However, it turns out that he’s really popular, though he thinks his classmates hate him.

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Barakamon Prequel Anime, Handa-Kun, to Premiere in July 2016

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