Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Which Gen-1 Starter Pokemon was the very best? Japanese players weigh in

Pokemon is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and people who have started with the first generation had very fond memories with the original Red, Blue, and Green (not released outside of Japan) versions. To celebrate the franchise’s milestone, MyNavi Student asked its readers on which Gen-1 starter Pokemon was “the very best.”


The poll had a total of 400 respondents, 197 female, and 203 male respondents to be exact. So which starter was the one the fans chose? here are the results:



According to several respondents who picked Bulbasaur, they chose the Grass/ Poison Pokemon because it was cute, though a few might have picked it because grass-types do really well against the first three gyms, as well as the final gym.



Several respondents who chose Squirtle daid that they picked the Water-type Pokemon because being able to use the HM for Surf is very useful in the game. That and the fact that it’s pretty cure as well.



The Fire-type comes in at #1, and we are not surprised at all, as its final evolution, Charizard, is one of the most popular species out there, and could even rival Pikachu in terms of popularity alone. While many respondents found Charmander cute and charming, many found the lure of fire-types to be very strong.

So, what is your favorite Gent-1 starter Pokemon?

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Source: MyNavi Student

Which Gen-1 Starter Pokemon was the very best? Japanese players weigh in

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