Saturday, 12 March 2016

[Spoiler] One Punch Man"s #1 S-Ranked Hero, Blast, Has Been Revealed... Sort Of

In One Punch Man, the heroes are ranked according to how strong they are (with the added consideration on their popularity), and the #1 S-Ranked hero of them all, Blast, has never been revealed. He has been known to miss meetings and is also known to not show up even if the world is in grave danger. However, the latest chapter in ONE’s original web manga has teased us on how he looks like.


This teaser from the One Punch Man web comic’s Chapter 106 was revealed last March 9, however, Blast was not fully revealed, but we do get an idea on what he actually looks like.

In the chapter, Tatsumaki talks about Blast in a flashback, and tells Saitama that she got into being a hero because of him. In the flashback, Blast told Tatsumaki that she can’t expect someone to save her every time. He also reveals that like Saitama, he also does his hero work as a hobby. So how strong is this Blast? It has not been revealed yet, but fans are expecting him to be a match for Saitama!


So, is he more powerful than Saitama? It’s still a mystery, but given that his reason for being a hero, and the fact that his costume sort of looks like Saitama’s is making people think is he’s really like Saitama.

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[Spoiler] One Punch Man"s #1 S-Ranked Hero, Blast, Has Been Revealed... Sort Of

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