Sunday, 27 March 2016

[VIDEOS] Fate/ Extra Last Encore TV anime announced, Heaven"s Feel movie to be a trilogy

Anime Japan 2016 made two very important announcements about the Fate series for 2017, and one of them being a TV anime for the highly popular Fate/ Extra game, which will be titled Fate/ Extra Last Encore. Teaser trailer for the upcoming TV anime has been streamed:

This means that we will finally be able to see Red Saber/ Nero in an anime that is not Carnival Phantasm! The anime will be produced by SHAFT (Nisekoi, Madoka Magica, Monogatari), with Fate/ Stay Night and Type-Moon co-creator, Kinoko Nasu, handling series composition.Type-Moon and Marvelous are credited for creating Fate/ Extra, which was originally released for the PSP back in 2010.

Meanwhile, the other important Fate anime announcement for 2017 regards the upcoming anime adaptation of the Heaven’s Feel route from the original Fate/ Stay Night visual novel. They announced that the film will be a trilogy, with the first film premiering in 2017. Here is a teaser trailer:

Like Unlimited Blade Works (TV) and Fate/ Zero, the trilogy will be handled by ufotable, with Tomonori Sudou directing the three movies. Heaven’s Feel is one of the three routes in Fate/ Stay Night, and as the Fate route is for Saber and the Unlimited Blade Works route is for Rin, Heaven’s Feel is for Sakura Matou, and yes, Illya has no route.


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[VIDEOS] Fate/ Extra Last Encore TV anime announced, Heaven"s Feel movie to be a trilogy

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