Friday, 15 July 2016

Who is the most ideal Club Adviser in anime? Charapedia weighs in and reveals the Top 20

In Japan, clubs are an essential part of school life, and often, they can never be complete without a teacher or a coach acting as the club’s adviser. While in some anime, the advisers are often not seen, there are some who are a bit hands-on, and often steal the show.

For this week’s poll, Charapedia has asked 10,000 fans (42.1& male, 57.1% female) on which anime club adviser is the one who they think is the most ideal. A total of 34 teachers and coaches were included in the list, however, only the Top 20 were named, and they are:

20 – Moichi Taoka (Slam Dunk)

19 – Mamoru Endou (Inazuma Eleven)

18 – Eijirou Kashiwaba (Touch)

17 – Teppei Iwaki (Knight in the Area)

16 – Shizuka Hiratsuka (Oregairu)

15 – Takeshi Tatsumi (Giant Killing)

14 – Megumi Sakura (School Live!)

13 – Jin Munakata (Aim for the Ace)

12 – Roberto Hongo (Captain Tsubasa)

11 – Koichi Kawafuji (ROOKIES)

10 – Noboru Taki (Sound! Euphonium!)


9 – Yoriko Matsumoto (Yuyushiki)


8 – Sawako Yamanaka (K-On!)


7 – Maria Momoe (Big Wind-Up!)


6 – Sumire Ryuuzaki (Prince of Tennis)


5 – Tesshin Kataoka (Ace of Diamond)


4 – Keishin Ukai (Haikyuu!!)


3 – Ittetsu Takeda (Haikyuu!!)


2 – Riko Aida (Kuroko’s Basketball)


1 – Mitsuyoshi Anzai (Slam Dunk)


As expected, sports anime dominated this list, and it ain’t surprising that the one-and-only Coach Anzai took the Top Spot. The legendary anime basketball coach has guided his team to success, and has set the standard for all other anime coaches and trainers to follow.

Meanwhile, we got a surprise with the one who won the #2 spot, as Seirin Assistant Coach, Riko Aida managed to win second place, even if she is not really a teacher. But then again, she is a coach, and her strategies may even put the great Coach Anazai in trouble.

While the sports clubs dominated the rankings, the highest ranking non-sports club adviser in the list is Sawako, who only managed to get 8th place, with Yoriko Matsumoto not far behind at 9th.

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Who is the most ideal Club Adviser in anime? Charapedia weighs in and reveals the Top 20

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