Friday, 8 July 2016

Gintama to enter final arc in the next chapter

All things must come to an end, including Gintama. Earlier this year, mangaka Hideaki Sorachi revealed that his 4th wall-breaking gag manga will be entering its final arc this year, and now, he is making good on that promise.


Issue #32 of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine is announcing that the manga will be entering its final arc in the next chapter. This of course confirms its creator’s promise earlier this year. However, even if the manga is entering its final arc, Sorachi has said that he still doesn’t know when the manga will exactly end, whether it will be this year or next year.

During last year’s Jump Festa event, the mangaka has said that he has been receiving several letters after he announced that he plans to begin the final arc this year. He said he wanted to clarify what he said during that event and confirmed that the final arc will indeed begin within this year.

The comedy manga has been known to break the 4th wall and parody several other anime and mangas, and has gotten a surprisingly large female fan following. The manga has won plenty of awards, and has also received plenty of anime adaptations, as well as an anime film. More details on when the manga will finally end, will be announced in the days ahead.

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Source: ANN

Gintama to enter final arc in the next chapter

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