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THE SGCafe LIST: Our 5 Favorite Unforgettable Moments from Nisekoi

As many of us all know by now, Nisekoi is already ending this month, and some of the readers here may or may not already know who Raku has ended up with. Naoshi Komi’s romantic comedy manga has already come a long way, and we are celebrating Nisekoi with its own SGCafe list! We take a look a five of our favorite moments from the manga, however, we are not including ones from the current final arc to lessen the spoilers a bit. That said, we must still warn everyone reading this article that there will be spoilers, especially for ones who have only watched the anime and never followed the manga. Here are our five choices:

Marika Tachibana arrives to disrupt the Chitoge – Raku – Onodera love triangle


In the early stages of Nisekoi, it was established that there is already a love triangle brewing between Chitoge, Raku, and Onodera, however, that love triangle became a full-blown harem when Marika arrived, and not only did she arrive, she came in like a storm that swept through Nisekoi, eventually becoming one of the series most popular characters. She wants Raku, and she’s not gonna let anyone stop her. That is what makes her tick, and that driving force allows her, weak body and all, to be this huge natural disaster to be able to compete with Chitoge and Onodera, and unlike the other two, she ain’t shy about her feelings at all!

Raku finds out that Tsugumi is a girl


When Tsugumi was introduced, everyone thought that she was a handsome guy, and she was introduced as Raku’s rival for Chitoge. However, a little dip in the pool revealed that ain’t exactly the case, and the rest is history. She even joined Raku’s harem!

Chitoge’s mother, Hana, is introduced


Much like Marika, another character who came in like a storm into Nisekoi was Hana, Chitoge’s mother. If you could make professional gangster bosses like Chitoge’s dad quake in his boots, the you are certainly one scary woman, and the arc when she arrived to visit Chitoge sure stirred things up. No matter how busy you are, make sure you spend some time with your daughter, OK?

One locket, four keys


As Nisekoi went on, more and more girls have been added to Raku’s harem, including Onodera’s sister, Haru, and Chitoge’s ever-loyal bodyguard, Tsugumi. However, it wasn’t until the introduction of Yui that his harem was finally completed. The Chinese triad boss came into the fray to become the gang’s own homeroom teacher, and like the other four key holders, she is also a childhood friend. This also presented poor old Raku a dilemma: Who is the real promised girl, because Chitoge, Onodera, Marika, and Yui all have keys of their own?

Chitoge and Tsugumi are transferring back to America

maxresdefaultFor a number of chapters, Nisekoi’s plot really wasn’t going anywhere, with chapters just presenting Raku spending time with a random member of his harem… until the class trip started and then, a certain phone call from Chitoge’s dad later, the plot was finally moving forward! In this arc, Tsugumi and Chitoge are being forced to transfer back to America, and Raku pulled out all the stops to make sure this does not happen. This event also led to Raku realizing that he has feelings for…

Special Mention: Magical Pattisserie Kosaki-chan


OK, so its not a part of Naoshi Komi’s main manga, but a spin-off. We just mentioned it just because…

So what is your favorite Nisekoi moment? Are you sad that the manga is finally ending? Did the girl you are rooting for win? Stay tuned tomorrow as we take a look at another popular long-running manga that is ending next month, BLEACH.

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THE SGCafe LIST: Our 5 Favorite Unforgettable Moments from Nisekoi

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