Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Pokemon and their real-world counterparts

Niantic has put Pokemon back into mainstream consciousness thanks to Pokemon GO, and it’s got plenty of people hooked, including several big time Hollywood celebrities, athletes, and businessmen.

Now, we all know that Pokemon are based on animals, plants, and objects found in real life, and while many of us around the world are still waiting for the smartphone game app’s release into our respective countries, let’s take a look at some of the real-life counterparts that several Pokemon have been inspired from:

Yeah, seems like the Garbage Pokemon, Trubbish, is also found in other anime… whoops!

While many don’t actually squirt out water guns, cause sandstorms and rock slides, or hypnotize their opponents, let alone learn only 4 moves or be captured by Pokeballs, these animals and plants are pretty amazing in their own right. So remember, when Pokemon GO finally reaches your country, be sure not to waste Pokeballs whenever a random butterfly or rat…

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Source: Rocket News 24

Pokemon and their real-world counterparts

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