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Summer Wonder Festival 2016: New figures, more wallet bleeding

It’s late July once again, and that usually means it’s finally Wonder Festival, and as this year’s Summer edition is held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, wallets around the world have screamed in agony as a new batch of figure announcements were made this day.


The Wonder Festival is usually when garage kit makers, figure collectors, and some of Japan’s biggest figure companies come together in celebration of garage kits, and this year, they really have showed up. As usual, the biggest booth belongs to Good Smile Company and its sister companies like Max Factory, Freeing, Orange Rouge, and Phat!. Coming into the event, there were a lot of expectations, and they certainly did not disappoint, featuring new Nendoroids, figmas, and scale figures. Here are the figures presented for the GSC group’s Wonderful Hobby Life For You booth:

For Kotobukiya, Banpresto, Aniplex, and Kaiyodo, turn to Page 2

While Good Smile Company and friends may have the biggest presentation, Kotobukiya certainly ain’t staying far behind, featuring a huge collection of figures and plastic models, including their much talked-about Bishoujo line, as well as their new Ikemen line.

Banpresto also presented an impressive line-up of prize figures, which can be available either via their Crane King Games or their Ichiban Kuji lotteries.

Aniplex’s boot meanwhile covered several figures from the anime titles that they are handling, including Fate, Haifuri, Nisekoi, iDOLM@STER, and many more. They also featured plenty of non-figure merchandise as well.

Kaiyodo’s booth has announced a royally monstrous new figure, featuring the King of Monsters itself, Godzilla. They also revealed new animal and Revoltech figures, as well as a few new trading figures.

For Megahouse, Alter, Flare, and Sega, turn to Page 3:

Megahouse on the other hand went with plenty of new male figures for all those female collectors out there, and they also went with several figures from classics like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Digimon, and Pokemon.

Meanwhile, over at base Alter, more Love Live! and iDOLM@STER figures!

And while they may not be as big or as popular as the big-name figure companies, FLARE managed to impress many collectors and enthusiasts with their line-up for this WonFes.

Sega also featured a great assortment of goodies, particularly their prize figures for their Crane Games and lotteries:

For Alphamax, X-Plus, Aquamarine, Pulchra, and Orchid Seed, turn to Page 4

At the Alphamax booth, they showcased a unique mix of super robots and bishoujo figures

While Pulchra went with popular titles like Mr. Osomatsu and Non Non Biyori:

And X-Plus went serious with their mixture of Tokusatsu, Kaijuu, and Shounen figures.

Over at the Aquamarine booth, they highlighted their line-up with a few Guilty Gear Xrd figures like Elphelt, Jam, and Jack-O, plus a few lolis and other new announcements:

Finally, we end our coverage with Orchid Seed, which certainly sizzled with their announcements:

So ladies and gents, are your wallets still alive, or do they suddenly need some money transfusion over at the bank? Good luck to the collectors out there!

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images via Dengeki Hobby

Summer Wonder Festival 2016: New figures, more wallet bleeding

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