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Noragami theme song singers, other Japanese artistes, descend upon Singapore for SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN ASIA TOUR 2017

On 16th March, some of Japan’s top indie musicians will be visiting Singapore to perform live at the Millian Singapore for SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN ASIA TOUR 2017. For one night only, Japanese indie acts like HE ORAL CIGARETTES, Frederic, Kyuso Nekokami, and 04 Limited Sazabys will be performing live!

Ticket sales are now available via Sistic. General Admission tickets cost S$58, while the VIP tickets cost S$88. The VIP tickets include:

– Special high five session with all four bands

– Exclusive autographed poster signed by all four bands

– Entry into VIP area right in front of the stage for concert

– Priority entry

Space Shower TV is a dedicated music channel in Japan that covers a wide range of music genres. SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN started out in 2001 as a platform for indie musicians to showcase their music. Spurred on by the support of fans, the event is now viewed as a rite of passage for many new artistes.

The event would also be a special treat for Noragami fans, as it also features The Oral Cigarettes, the band responsible for Noragami Aragoto’s rocking OP song!



Formed in Nara in 2010 and consisting of Takuya Yamanaka (Vo/Gt), Akira Akirakani (Ba/Cho), Shigenobu Suzuki (Gt), and Masaya Nakanishi (Dr), THE ORAL CIGARETTES became known for their memorable melodies and exquisite arrangements that give shape to highly original songs, and their energy-charged performances. Since then, THE ORAL CIGARETTES have continued to captivate listeners across the country and bring BKW (“bakuruwase”, upset) with their music.

Official site:


Frederic is a three-piece band from Kobe with twin brothers Kenji (Vo/Gt) and Kouji Mihara (Ba/Cho), and Kenji’s classmate Ryuji Akagashira (Gt), and is known for their “repertoire of unforgettable music” born out of a unique sense of humour and wide musical background. Expressing their lyrics as “addictive”, Frederic has proven to be a band to be reckoned with in the ever-changing Japanese music scene.

Official site:

Kyuso Nekokami

Kyuso Nekokami comprises Seiya Yamasaki (Vo/Gt), Kazuma Okazawa (Gt), Takuro Kawakubo (Ba), Shinnosuke Yokota (Key/Vo), and Taisuke Sogo (Dr). The group was formed in university at the end of 2009 as a five-man multi-directional negative disco punk band centering around “those who failed at finding employment”. Drawing a line between themselves and other bands, Kyuso Nekokami takes pride in the group’s one of a kind presence with their aggressive live performances.

Official site:

04 Limited Sazabys

04 Limited Sazabys is a rock band with members GEN (Ba/Vo), HIROKAZ (Gt), RYU-TA (Gt/Cho), and KOUHEI (Dr/Cho), formed in Nagoya in 2008. Along with GEN’s youthful high-toned voice and the band’s extremely addictive melodies, the impressive staging and free-spirited talks during performances have become distinctive characteristics of the group.

Official site:

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Noragami theme song singers, other Japanese artistes, descend upon Singapore for SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN ASIA TOUR 2017

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