Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven"s Feel movie reveals new visual

We’ve already seen the Fate/ Saber route, as well as the Unlimited Blade Works/ Rin Tohsaka route. Now, it’s finally time for Fate/Stay Night’s third heroine to shine, as Sakura Matou’s route, Heaven’s Feel, is getting adapted into an anime movie.

Now, the @Fate_SN_Anime website has revealed a new visual, and it features all three Fate heroines together, with Sakura in the middle!

Advance tickets for the film will be sold starting February 18. Benefits from purchasing the advance tickets in Japan also include a special clear file from the anime movie. Much like Fate/Zero and the Unlimited Blade Works TV anime, ufotable will be animating the film.

Aside from the Heaven’s Feel movie, 2017 also features a huge slate of new Fate anime! The slate would include new TV anime like Fate/Extra Last Encore and Fate/Apocrypha, as well as the upcoming Prisma Illya film.

Wow! So many Fate anime projects! Expect more to be revealed soon as well.

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Fate/Stay Night: Heaven"s Feel movie reveals new visual

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