Saturday, 4 February 2017

[VIDEO] Digimon Adventure tri. part 4"s latest PV streamed

After the Digimon World got rebooted back in Part 3, we now get a taste of what comes next, as a brand new PV for part 4, Digimon Adventure tri. Soushitsu (Loss), has finally been posted online.

The video also features Sora’s struggles, and also teases the return of the Dark masters, Metal Seadramon and Machinedramon (Mugendramon).

The fourth part will be screened in Japanese theaters starting February 25, and will be continuing where the third film left off, with the partner Digimon losing their memories, and Meicoomon continuing with her struggles. However, trouble seems to be brewing with the return of the dreaded Dark Masters. It will be released for DVD and Blu-ray in Japan on April 4.

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[VIDEO] Digimon Adventure tri. part 4"s latest PV streamed

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