Wednesday, 7 September 2016

[New Anime] Overweight dad becomes a hero in new comedy TV anime, To Be Hero

Have you ever imagined your dad to be be mysteriously turned into a super hero? That’s the premise of Haoliners’ brand new comedy TV anime, To Be Hero, which will be an anime about an overweight and underachieving middle-aged father suddenly gaining superpowers to become an actual superhero.


The anime will be following “Oya-ji,” an underachieving father with a beautiful and overachieving daughter named Min. He designs toilet seats for a living, and one day, he mysteriously gets sucked into one, and suddenly gets superpowers, including the ability to transform into a handsome guy. But with Great Powers comes Great Responsibility, right? So that’s why he also gets charged with saving the world!


To Be Hero will premiere on October 5, 2016, with Excel Saga’s Shinichi Watanabe being tagged as the show’s supervising director. It will be paired with Cheating Craft, another new Haoliners TV anime project, with the Cheating Craft episodes running for approximately 10 minutes and the TO BE HERO episodes running approximately 9 minutes.

Source: Crunchyroll

[New Anime] Overweight dad becomes a hero in new comedy TV anime, To Be Hero

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