Wednesday, 30 July 2014

BL anime "Junjou Romantica" gets a third season

junjou romantica BL anime Junjou Romantica gets a third season

Fans of the boys’ love anime Junjou Romantica shall witness more love stories of its three couples. On the 18th volume of the manga there is an announcement of a third season of the TV anime.

Its first two season aired from April to December 2008, each one spanning 12 episodes. Junjou Romantica also has an OVA released in 2012.

The manga by Shungiku Nakamura  is still ongoing and currently has 18 volumes in print. The story focuses on the main couple Misaki Takahashi and Akihiko Usami with side stories on Hiroki Kamijou x Nowaki Kusama (Junjou egoist), and Yo Miyagi x Shinobu Takatsuki (Junjou terrorist).

The third season is planned for 2015.

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BL anime "Junjou Romantica" gets a third season

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