Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Rin gets her own ramen as Sega teams up with Love Live! for some μ’s goodies

Sega and AG Square are livening up with a new Love Live! campaign which features brand new merchandise which includes quo cards, clear files, notebooks, posters, cookies, and the “Rin-chan Ramen”.

These Love Live! goodies will be available in AG Square stores all over Japan. An original Love Live! QUO card from Sega will be available for 1,000 yen while those who sign up and vote for the Sega Image Girl Finals will be getting a free! Love Live! wallpaper.

lovelive 02 cs1w1 225x lovelive 03 cs1w1 209x

Sega’s UFO Catcher crane Game will also give out plenty of Love Libe! prizes, like these cute clear files.

lovelive 04 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 05 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 06 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 07 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 08 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 09 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 10 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 11 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 12 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 13 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 14 cs1w1 213x300 lovelive 15 cs1w1 213x300

The notebooks meanwhile are A4 size and come as sets of 3s and are grouped according to their year, the 1st years, the second years, and the 3rd years.

lovelive 16 cs1w1 190x lovelive 17 cs1w1 190x lovelive 18 cs1w1 190x lovelive 19 cs1w1 190x lovelive 20 cs1w1 190x lovelive 21 cs1w1 190x lovelive 22 cs1w1 190x lovelive 23 cs1w1 190x lovelive 24 cs1w1 190x

Posters, Fans, and Tapestries will also be up for grabs.

lovelive 25 cs2w2 300x lovelive 26 cs2w2 200x lovelive 27 cs2w2 300x lovelive 28 cs1w1 290x lovelive 29 cs1w1 290x lovelive 30 cs1w1 290x lovelive 31 cs1w1 290x

The UFO catcher will also be handing out premium items like the Love Live! Drops, Love Live! Rainbow Macaroons, Love Live! Diamond Pudding Cookies and the Lily White Langue de Chat.

lovelive 32 cs1w1 290x lovelive 33 cs1w1 290x lovelive 35 cs1w1 290x lovelive 36 cs1w1 276x lovelive 37 cs1w1 205x

The bubbly and energetic Rin meanwhile gets the spotlight in this campaign as she receives her own ramen brand called the Rin-chan Ramen which comes in three different flavors.

lovelive 34 cs1w1 290x

The campaign will start on August 5, 2014 and will end on September 16, 2014.

Want more anime-related merchandise? You can read more about them here on SGCafe. You can also join in on the community’s discussions at http://forums.sgcafe.com

Source: Dengeki Online

Rin gets her own ramen as Sega teams up with Love Live! for some μ’s goodies

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