Friday, 18 July 2014

Pokemon to launch a mysterious website known as "Slowpoke Paradise"

Slowpokes, those slow-yet-lovable little water/psychic Pokemon from Gen 1, have been one of the series most endearing species since the Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue were first launched, and they will be receiving the spotlight once again as will be launching a mysterious website just for them.


Slowpokes are known as Yadon in Japan, and the new website is known as “Yadon Paradise”, or “Slowpoke Paradise”. The website is scheduled to open on August 10, 2014 and it is still a big mystery as to what it is about.

slowpoke paradise 500x314

By clicking on the large slowpoke, you can get it to “react” and this reaction is somehow a lot faster than how slowpokes would usually react, which is usually 5 seconds after. You can try out Slowpoke Paradise through this link

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Pokemon to launch a mysterious website known as "Slowpoke Paradise"

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