Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Solid gold Godzilla statue sells for 150,000,000 yen

As the mighty King of the Monsters rakes in box office gold all over the world and enjoying his 60th anniversary, yet another golden Godzilla figure has been made, but unlike the one which came with his arch-nemesis King Ghidora, this one is bigger and a whole lot more expensive.

GINZA TANAKA01 500x369 Solid gold Godzilla statue sells for 150,000,000 yen

Measuring in at approximately 35cm in height and weighing in at approximately 15kg, this golden leviathan greatly outclasses the previous one made by Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry. And at 150 million yen, it makes its 6 million yen counterpart look quite cheap.

Big G never looked quite as fabulous, doesn’t he? This model is inspired by his “Godzilla Vs. Biollante” version where he took on the much bigger Kaijuu rose plant known as Biollante.

He will be displayed over at the G Revealed Godzilla Tokyo exhibition over at the 9th floor of the Shinjuku Hikarie Hall B from June 20-29, 2014 before heading to Ginza tanaka on July 30. The golden Godzilla will then head over to Osaka for the G Revealed Godzilla Osaka leg at the 8th floor of the Kintetsu Art Museum from August 14-24, 2014.

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Source: Fashion Press

Solid gold Godzilla statue sells for 150,000,000 yen

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